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Built-screen controller

Using the occasion 
Electric curtain down control (controller built-in)
This limit can be arbitrarily controlled motor reversing (up / down) and stop, and with a key lock and motor delay protection, to prevent the motor overruns. 
The controller is integrated in the aluminum curtain slot, integrated design, elegant appearance. Thin panel can be connected to the hand control through wired or wireless means with the controller. 
Controller uses electronic limit technology, precise control of the curtain open and closed positions. 
Has a remote control and a multi-machine machine multiple remote control functions, and accept the centralized control of the central control signals, as well as local network control via RS485 interface, has a high flexibility of use. 
Were equipped with a remote control, you can choose manual or remote control and has a self-learning and remote control clearance needed. 
With LED indicator on the front panel, the buzzer by operation tone;